Virtual & In-Person Scalp, Wellness & Nutrition Services

Using a trichology-holistic and wellness approach, (SBLHairloss) seeks to provide natural and holistic methods of hair restoration, reduce scalp issues which lead to hair loss and we also provide hair replacement options.

During a: FREE 10-15 minute Online evaluation

We assess your immediate need. This free service allows you to determine if we are a good fit.

Upgrade to a Full-trichology 2-hour consultation, you'll receive:

  • Online submission review of profile medical history
  • Blood panel CBC review
  • A visual inspection of scalp
  • 25x, 50x or100x dermascope scalp scan inspection, comparison of growth (UPON FOLLOW-UP)
  • Hair-pull test
  • Ph/alklalinity test
  • Dietary analysis- to determine inflammatory intake
  • Recommendations based on more extensive information

With optional Level 1 or 2 ‘Concierge’ after-care servicing, We will address your restoration, scalp issues & hair loss for a minimum of 12 weeks with a variety of in-clinic services:

  • Aquatic Mist treatment to open hair shaft’s cuticle, speeds processing, providing a cool gentle mist
  • Triple O3 therapy-oxygen therapy speeds healing and improves scalp condition - this treatment is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and prevents sepsis within the scalp tissue
  • Oxygen scalp treatment with oxygen concentrator-improves the quality of scalp using targeted essential oils
  • Massage-improves circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage micro-needling- stimulates collagen and activates the body’s healing response
  • High frequency micro current- improves blood flow to the tissues, speeds healing, loosens clogged and congested tissues
  • Scalp detox- using an assortment of natural remedies to descale & to clear lymphatic passages
  • Infrared lamp light therapy- reduces redness, stimulates Langerhan’s cells to reduce swelling
  • Woods lamp analysis to evaluate scalp pigmentation for changes in skin quality
  • Low level-light therapy- for retail sales only, stimulates cell division, activates ATP
  • Lymphatic therapy
  • Nutritional counseling to adjust toxins and inflammatory contributors

Custom Nutrition Programs are based on the individual and designed for long-term success:

Pricing packages range from:

  • $399 for a Intro-level service with consultation
  • Tortoise - Mid-level
  • Nitro - Full package

“I’ve had so many people say ‘wow - that was so different than any other program I've done before.'”

LaRonne Quarles

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